What has been happening: a sabbatical reading and action list

I’m spending my time on this sabbatical writing, reading, and juggling all kinds of interesting things that have come up.

We established the Make It! Vertically Integrated Project as a course students can take to manage the makerspace. Students in this course will be managing the makerspace in the College of Innovation and Design as well as the MakerLab in the Library. The CID makerspace is acquiring equipment.

I’m prepping for a visit from Amit Jariwala from Georgia Tech who will be on campus in mid-September. They run the invention studio there and students are considering PIs or Peer Instructors and they train other students.

I read Camille Eddy’s piece interviewing Angelica Willis about makerspace creation at her university. This was inspiring because it was student led, and opens this fall. I hope to hear more about this project.

I talked to Lisa Waite Bunker briefly about 23 things for entrepreneurial thinking in libraries. A small group generated a list about the things that go into making and design thinking strategies in libraries, and this week I’m going to review some of those to see which make sense to move forward with. I learned that the ALA maker stuff is being housed inside of the “Active Learning” group. Perhaps I can re-visit joining ALA, but for now… ILA is my service project.

I worked a bunch with the Idaho Library Association to move some things forward.

I attended a Patent and Trademark seminar at Trailhead.

I met with the CMEO group on campus about how makerspaces can help others.

I feel busy. Like, overwhelmingly busy. I didn’t want to be this busy during sabbatical, so I’m going to try to tone it down in September and really get some alone time – writing and planning and thinking.

I’m prepping for two conferences and some data analysis and drafting a report too. I have great ideas for my Internet Librarian conversation facilitation. I can’t wait to see how that goes.

On a personal note, I received some DNA analysis tracking my heritage and was intrigued by the results. I come from a scattered range of areas throughout Italy and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and the Caucasus, and even India. I’m fascinated by this, and more than anything intrigued.

Also on a personal note – I’ve been doing lots of writing and formed an accountability group called Breakfast Journal.

Sidebar about how I feel lately? Overwhelmed. A bit stressed. And also amazed by the beauty in the world.

Here’s my current list of what I have read, am reading, or refer to while on this sabbatical.


Teaching to Transgress: Education as the Practice of Freedom by bell hooks

Strangers in Paradise: Academics from the Working Class by Charles Sackrey and Jake Ryan

The Beach Book: Science of the Shore by Hobbs

Miller’s Valley by Anna Quindlen

Here’s the “on my table to read” list:

To the Lighthouse Virginia Woolf

Eat Pray Love Elizabeth Gilbert

Part of our lives: Wiegand

Critical Library Instruction by Accardi, Drabinski & Kumbler



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